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Nice day at Mhong village สบายๆ ที่บ้านชาวม้ง

By LannaDog

Doi Pui

Mhong village

Despite misty weather, it was a nice day. Only 13 dogs and cats were sterilized, but everybody was happy including the Mhong villagers. This was the first time they received this service. How nice it was to have photographs of them with their pets, and the Pet ID will be brought to them later. The animals in the village were well looked after and healthy compared to urban pets. More animals would have been brought for sterilization if this event was advertised better. Many of the villagers and animals work on the farms and in the forest. Well, 2 pigs, each weighing 60 Kgs were sterilized at home because the little girl owner could not carry them to us. This time we had more vets and volunteers than animals.

More photos coming soon


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