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Visit the Lanna Dog booth at the NAP fair 2012 today บูทล้านนาด็อกวันนี้

By LannaDog

 NAP Fair 2012Visit the Lanna Dog booth at the NAP fair today

งาน NAP 2012 นิมมานซอย 1 เริ่มแล้ว ปีนี้ 5-10 ธันวาคม 2555 สีสัน สร้างสรร เช่นทุกปี อย่าลืมเเวะบูทล้านนาด็อกนะคะ มีเสื้อยืดแบบใหม่สำหรับปีนี้ กระเป๋า พวงกุญเเจ เเฮนด์เมด น่ารักๆ มากมาย

The 13th NAP Fair 2012 is being held again between 5-10 December.  Lanna Dog has its booth in front of Gongdee Gallery, which has kindly supported us for several years. Nimman Soi 1 is lined with art shops that trade in unique and creative local craftwork in an artistic atmosphere. It is well recommend for a visit.

 Lanna Dog has campaigned against the dog trade for food and sales of the animals themselves, and has organized dog sterilization and vaccinations against rabies. It recently launched an animal welfare bill with the government, which has passed its first round.

Lanna Dog is attending this fair to promote our efforts and we thank all those who have supported us so far. If you can visit us this week, we are selling newly designed T shirts, handbags, key chains and other handmade products. All proceedings made from these sales will be donated to dog sterilization. And why not have your photograph taken with a Lanna Dog in front of a Lanna Dog campaign backdrop?


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