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Behind the scenes

By LannaDog



In order to organize the monk training, Lanna Dog Welfare has to survey each temple regarding the dogs and cats that live in them. We were very busy every week in driving between the temples in order to pay them a visit. This time, we have plans for temples in Sansai and Maerim, on the outskirts of Chiang Mai. We explained our objectives to the abbots and exchanged our experience on how the temples manage their stray dogs.

The surveys were very impressive and we could feel a compassionate atmosphere or Metta in a Buddhist sense. Each temple is unique. We were amazed that Maeyuak Temple now has over 130 abandoned dogs, and they were all sterilized. The Abbot arranged a “cleaning day” every Sunday, when volunteers come to clean and wash each dog. We were fascinated that the abbot could recognize all of the dogs. When he was busy investigating, one of his dogs disappeared and he asked the monks and novices to go and look for it. Thousands of activities occurred in the temple during our visit, before the abbot went off to bless a couple of people who came to a big sack of dog food.

While we were sitting, 2 temple dogs came to sit near us, as if they wanted to participate in our conversation.

Other temple dogs were sitting around happily.

We are looking forward very much to starting our monk training soon.


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