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The Real One: 2 Years Jail & 40,000 Baht Fine คดีทารุณกรรมสัตว์ที่ตัดสินเเล้ว

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complaint cases

TSPCA annual meeting held on 23 -24 July at Cape Racha hotel, Chon Buri regarding summary of events one year after passing the animal welfare bill.
This meeting was very intensive, with fruitful discussions among various expert organizations, including the government sector, animal groups, lawyers, etc. Much inspiration came from people who have been dedicated to fight for the first Thai animal bill. The TSPCA has summarized the cases of complaints and use of the animal welfare bill over the past years. It also established a hotline for complaints and advice on how to deal with cruelty to animals. More education for communities and officers who enforce the bill is needed for better understanding. For more information, please visit the TSPCA website.

Over One Year : Enforcement Under The Cruelty Prevention and Animal Welfare Act “The Real One: 2 Years Jail & 40,000 Baht Fine”


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