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Eight years of stray dog management at the Faculty of Medicine 8 ปี กับการบริหารจัดการสุนัขที่คณะเเพทย์

By LannaDog

Faculty of Medicine

Faculty of Medicine

Thirty dogs and cats were sterilized on January 7th, 2017.  The progression here has been a health check program in addition to sterilization for the last 2 years.  Triple cooperation is between Lanna Dog, the Livestock Office and Faculty of Medicine.  The animal population in the hospital area has been controlled, and humans and animals can live together in harmony, and there have been no complaints about dog bites, bad hygeine, or dog fights. Many people brought their dogs to have a health check, vaccination, deworming and tick and flea prevention. It was nice to see some dogs and cats that had been sterilized previously return to have an annual health check, which means that the basic knowledge of population control increases a good attitude towards animal welfare.

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