Lanna Dog Welfare

Animal welfare is human welfare

Day in a dog’s life

March 17,2006

March 17,2006

This lonely stray dog was found in front of a furniture shop in March 2006. RRdog 019

April 4,2006

April 4,2006

She was very shy and would not take food from the hand.

A young man came to her sleeping place every evening to give her food by leaving it in a bowl.

We never actually met him, but arranged to treat the dog by asking the shopkeeper to arrange for the man to mix our medicine in the food that he supplied.

RR 004

June 3, 2006

With patience, after 3 months, suffering less and looking more hopeful in her eyes.

We now want her to be sterilized, but the location in which she is found is in a very open area, with little chance of catching her, and there is a danger that she might run out into the busy street and get run over.
RR 007We are finding a way to catch and sterilize her.
We also appreciate the man who brings the dog food every day. He is an example of kindness anyone can follow if we care for the living creatures that share the planet with us.