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A wonderful Tod Pa Pah อนุโมทนาบุญทอดผ้าป่า

By LannaDog

It was a very successful day with good cool weather. Good karma; as it rained just after the ceremony finished.

We received 296,397.50 Baht from the Tod Pa Pah ceremony.

We highly appreciate the Supreme Sunga of Hang Dong sub-district, Prakru Artorn and 8 Abbots from the temples in Hang Dong, who came to this ceremony as a token of compassion and encouragement for Lanna Dog work. It was a great honour to receive them.

Special thanks go to Dr.Satwat-PlaiAuw’s family and Khun Suradej and Khun Jittra’s familรำห for their donations of 100,000 baht and assistance, which made this ceremony possible.

It was very pleased to receive huge donations (coins and small bank notes) from local people.

People behind the scenes:

Ian and Nongluck prepared morning fresh coffee
Suradej and Nataya sponsored lunch
P’ Tim and friends from Lam Pun province prepared homemade Thai-snacks
PlaiAuw, Maneerat, and Jittra prepared Pa Pah money trees
Gamnan Ta, leader of Nongkwai villages organized tents, tables, chairs from the sub district municipality.
Within Design sponsored printing Tod Pa Pah brochures and envelopes; 1,500 pieces
Med Class 18, Regina Coeli School Class 16, dog lovers at the Faculty of Medicine and Lanna Dog members distributed envelopes.

Without Pee and his wife this ceremony could not be performed

Lanna Dog has reported its sterilization and training programs and seminars carried out since the beginning of the project and that to come in the future

At the end of the ceremony, the Abbots gave blessings and made merit to Roshan.


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