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Please don’t call for other unrelated dog problems! เข็มถูกทิ้ง

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เข็มถูกทิ้ง เพิ่งอายุได้เเค่ 2 ขวบ กำลังเป็นเด็กชายรูปหล่อ เจ้าของย้ายบ้านแล้วก็ทิ้งเข็มไว้ปล่อยให้เข็มนั่งเฝ้ารอกว่า 3 วัน มีคุณป้าผู้ใจดีคอยให้อาหารและที่คุ้มหัวกันแดดกันฝน ผู้ต้องการอุปการะสอบถามนิสัยใจคอ ติดต่อคุณคริสได้เลยที่โทร 087 1903601
มีผู้อุปการะแล้ว 24.5.55

Looking for a loving home for a beautiful 2 year old, male dog, named; KEM
His previous owner moved house and left him behind. A nice old lady in the street kindly gave him shelter from the rain at night and provided food, till we offered to help re home him. (we have been visiting friends in the same street for over 1 year now – so this is how we came across him)
Kem has been sitting waiting patiently for 3 days for his previous owner to return – but sadly he wont be coming back.
Wanting to find a good, safe home for him. We already have 3 medium-large sized dogs in a small house, otherwise we would keep him – as he has a nice temperament.

He is healthy, and appears to be a bang-keaw mixed with something (see photos) , his colours / markings are very attractive, and he has a very easy going personality. He has previously been bought up in a Thai way, where the front door is open, come and go as you like… although he doesn’t seem to go too far from what he called home.
We ask for no payment, only that you have a home where he will be loved as he deserves.
Feel free to arrange to call Chris (T. Tonpao, A. Sankamphaeng);Tel 087 1903601 to arrange to come meet him.
(I am not part of Lanna dog – so please don’t call for other unrelated dog problems – Thanks)

Being adopted ! 24.5.12


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