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World Rabies Day and World Animal Day celebration in a temple atmosphere ร่วมเฉลิมฉลองวันสัตว์โลก

By LannaDog

WAD vinyl

Lanna Dog Welfare is very pleased to have celebrated the WRD and WAD by training monks in animal handling and temple dog sterilization. These activities are under the project of management of stray dogs using a Buddhist approach. The Venerable Abbot of Chiang Mai;  Phra Tep Pariyad has kindly supported this project as a proposed model of temple dog management .

The first activity of this cooperation  was a workshop held on 26th September at Lanna Dogs Education Center to train monks in taking care of temple dogs and temple dog sterilization will be heldat Wat Jed Yod temple on 3rd and 4th October. The entire training program will end by visiting temples and practicing health care for dogs. All the temples visited will be presented with a first aud box for dogs and a poster on animal care. This program is a cooperation between Lanna Dog Welfare and Blue Tail Aid International and supported by World Animal Protection.


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